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The Elements you Need to Have in Your Mind Before Deciding on Which Crops to Plant for a Survival Garden

Having better and simple means of survival in the current world is something very important which should be done by almost all the people. It should be known that for anyone to survive, he/she is supposed to have plenty of food to sustain him/her and the whole family. It is not that easy for you to be in a position to live and survive at the same time with your family if you don’t have a place which is yielding for you some produces. The number of people who clearly know the usefulness of home garden are very small and that is why many have suffered a lot when it pandemics or any disaster strikes the world. The below article talks about the elements many homeowners with various sizes of survival gardens need to have in mind before deciding which crops to plant in the gardens.

You should consider first the nutritional value the crops you have grown will give to your body before deciding to grow them. Crops which result to energy, minerals and vitamins when consumed are very essential and can play a bigger part to your body and that is why you need to keep in mind the nutritional values the plants you have grown have. You should grow crops which give different nutrients so that your body may be safe as these nutrients play vital roles in many people’s bodies.

Secondly, ease of growth is another factor. Evaluating the condition of the soils and climate from where your garden is located can help you be able to decide which crops can grow well in your field. Thus, research and evaluation of the type of crops which can be favored by the soils of your garden is needed.

Where you will store and preserve the yields you have harvested is another factor. Most of the plants grown for survival are perishable and mostly they are known to have limited shelf life and that is why proper planning is needed. Storage facilities you have dedicated for all the crops you have grown in your garden need to be good so that your produce don’t get wasted.

Being able to consider the yielding properties the crops you have grown have matters a lot. Choosing crops which at the time of harvest they give out a bountiful harvest is very important and you and your family can survive. Hence, in conclusion, you should not just grow crops without knowing how long and how much they produce at the time of harvest as this may cost you a lot.

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