Automatic equipment and appearance protection and maintenance at ordinary times

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  Equipment protection maintenance definition

  After scrubbing, cleaning, smoothing, adjustment and other usual methods of equipment maintenance, in order to maintain and protect the function and skills of the equipment, known as equipment protection maintenance.

  (1) cleaning: the equipment table is neat, no oil on the sliding surface, no oil leakage, no air leakage, chip around the equipment, debris, dirt to clean;

  (2) neat: things, accessories, workpiece (goods) to be placed neat, pipes, lines to be organized;

  (3) smooth and good: refueling or changing oil on time, continuous oil, dry friction, normal oil pressure, oil standard, oil road dredging, oil quality meet the requirements, oil gun, oil cup, linoleum cleaning;

  (4) safety: abide by the safety operation rules, do not overload the equipment, the equipment's safety protection device is completely solid, timely eliminate unsafe elements.

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  The meaning of protection and conservation

  (1) instrument and appearance protection and maintenance are the requirements of appearance and automatic control equipment management system (trial);If there is no instrument appearance protection scheme, instrument appearance equipment protection, do a good job of protection records, then do not fit the requirements of the equipment management system, attributed to do not fit the project.

  (2) instrument protection and maintenance is the need to protect the appearance of the instrument and reduce the defect rate of the appearance of the instrument;Instrument appearance in the process of use, with the change of the external environment, equipment aging or overload use of personnel, is very easy to happen sundries, dust, moisture, leakage, internal media cut or metamorphosis and other conditions, and then cause the equipment to work abnormal, imprecise, frequent problems.Regular protection and maintenance of the equipment can protect the appearance of the instrument, make the appearance of the instrument parameters normal, reduce the equipment fault rate.

  (3) instrument surface protection and maintenance is the need to ensure accurate data viewing;In addition to the verification and calibration of the instrument, the protection of the instrument surface is also a way to eliminate the abnormal working conditions in the measurement and working process.Do a good job to protect the normal operation of the production supply to ensure that it can extend the service life of the equipment to ensure a safe and comfortable working environment.

  What are the conservation categories?

  Protection and maintenance content usually includes protection and maintenance at ordinary times, timing protection and maintenance, timing view and precision view, equipment smooth and anti-freezing, anti-coagulation system protection is also an important part of equipment protection and maintenance;Protection and maintenance of equipment is the fundamental work of equipment protection, it is necessary to institutionalize and standardize.The fixed time protection and maintenance of equipment is a kind of preventive view with a plan, the way of view is not only human senses, but also a certain view of things and instruments, according to the fixed time view plan, the fixed time view is also known as the fixed time point check;The equipment should also check the accuracy to determine the actual accuracy of the equipment.

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