Methods to improve the efficiency of nc cutting

2019-09-28 436

  The main difference between CNC cutting machine and hand-held cutting and copying cutting lies in its fast cutting speed and high cutting accuracy.But many users in enough to buy CNC cutting machine, feel that the processing efficiency has not been greatly improved.In the final analysis, the main user of CNC cutting machine knowledge is not enough to understand, can not use it.In view of these situations, we can adopt the following methods to solve.

  First, nc system instability will lead to slow cutting.

  Due to the heating of the CPU and hard disk of the CNC system, the system is unstable and cannot work stably.Or fan wear, hard disk vibration or virus damage, resulting in production stagnation, and may be the CNC system cutting control software defects, failures or cutting errors, will also delay cutting production, affect the quality of cutting and other problems.

  Second: not using nesting software leads to low material utilization.

  Do not use nesting software, but in the numerical control system to call parts or read parts manual programming, local cutting, which is not only a waste of time, but also a waste of materials.So the installation of nesting software, both save time and save material.

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  Third: there is no automatic cutting process and cutting parameters database on the CNC system.

  The operator can only rely on experience and eye observation, through manual operation of CNC cutting machine, can not achieve automatic perforation and automatic cutting, cutting machine production efficiency is very low.

  Fourth: the use of cutting is not appropriate.

  In the cutting setting, the cutting method used is too simple, single parts should be perforated and cut completely, without the use of common side, borrow side, bridge and other efficient cutting methods, resulting in low cutting efficiency, and the consumption of cutting nozzle (especially plasma cutting nozzle) waste serious.

  I believe that pay attention to the above points, the use of CNC cutting machine efficiency and save material will be greatly improved!

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