What are the reasons for machine failure

2019-09-28 445

  Failure Cause

  1. The machine tool in the long-term use of friction, wear, screw clearance with the increase, the machine tool screw reverse clearance.

  2. The tool used for processing the workpiece is not the right type, easy to damage, the tool clamping is not correct or tight, etc..

  3. Choose reasonable spindle speed, cutting speed and cutting amount according to the workpiece material.

  4. It is related to the balance and stability of machine tool placement.

  5. Numerical control system produces out of step or drive selection when the power is not enough, small torque and other reasons.

  6. Whether the tool holder is locked after changing the knife.

  7. Whether the spindle run-out series movement and tailstock coaxiality difference and other phenomena.

  8. In some special machining occasions, the reverse gap can not be filled, resulting in machining always has deviation.


  1. After the machine tool wear screw clearance increased by adjusting screw nut and repairing the trailing plate line to reduce the clearance, or through a hundred table to get the clearance value (general clearance within 0.15mm) can be filled into the computer, can be replaced by the computer's clearance compensation function, make the workpiece size meet the requirements.

  2. Because is the tool material to make the size of the processed workpiece change, according to the requirements of reasonable selection of tools, and due to the reason of tool clamping error, according to the workpiece process requirements of reasonable selection of tool Angle and fixture.

  3. When it is suspected that the processing aspects of the process, according to the nature of the material, reasonable preparation of the processing process to choose the appropriate spindle speed, cutting speed and cutting.

  4. Due to the resonance of the machine tool will be placed smoothly, adjust the level, when necessary, lay a foundation, the installation is stable.

  5. The size change generated by the numerical control system, first determine whether the program is prepared according to the size requirements of the drawing, and then check whether the parameters are reasonable according to the selected configuration (such as G0 fast positioning speed and acceleration and deceleration time constant during cutting, etc.).Whether someone deliberately changed, the second is to consider whether the power size of the selected driver is reasonable, by judging the phase lamp to observe whether the pulse sent by the computer driver is out of step.

  6. Check whether the reverse time of the tool holder is enough after changing the tool holder, whether the tool holder has enough time to lock, check whether the positioning of the tool holder and the locking screws are loose.

  7. Check the coaxiality of the spindle and tailstock whether there are run-out, series movement and other phenomena.

  8.Use programming techniques to eliminate gaps.

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