Define cross shear line safety preventive measures for equipment maintenance

2019-09-28 432

  1.Employees accurately wear labor insurance products before work

  2.Ensure the equipment safety protection equipment integrity, useful;

  3.Be familiar with the risk factors of the post and corresponding prevention measures;

  4.Strictly abide by the request of safety operation procedure in work;

  5.Do not take risks, do not work fatigue, do not operate their own unfamiliar equipment.

Shear Line

  Emergency measures for safety problems in shear line:

  1. If abnormal conditions are found in the production process, press the emergency stop button immediately to stop the machine.

  2. In case of sudden power failure, adopt temporary emergency lighting measures, close the power switch of the equipment, and detach orderly under the unified command of the monitor.

  3. In case of sudden safety accident, cut off the power supply of the equipment, maintain the site, and make a statement to the superior in time.

  4. In case of a fire, the power supply of the equipment shall be cut off immediately. The team leader shall arrange personnel to use fire control equipment to save the life.

  119 "emergency call, and statement to the superior, and arrange personnel according to the fire emergency plan to arrange evacuation.

  Article source transverse shear line