Daily maintenance of automation equipment and instruments

2019-09-28 437

  Definition of equipment maintenance

  By wiping, cleaning, lubrication, adjustment and other general methods of equipment care, in order to maintain and protect the performance and technical status of equipment, called equipment maintenance.

  (1) cleaning: the inside and outside of the equipment should be clean and tidy, with no oil pollution on each sliding surface, no oil leakage or air leakage on each part, and chips, sundries and dirt around the equipment should be cleaned;

  (2) tidy: tools, accessories, workpieces (products) should be neatly placed, pipelines, lines should be organized;

  (3) good lubrication: refueling or changing oil on time, continuous oil, dry friction phenomenon, normal oil pressure, bright oil mark, smooth oil road, oil quality meet the requirements, oil gun, oil cup, linoleum clean;

  (4) safety: observe the safety operation rules, do not overload the equipment, the equipment's safety protection device is complete and reliable, timely eliminate unsafe factors.


  The significance of maintenance

  (1) instrument maintenance is to protect instruments and reduce the failure rate of instruments;In the process of using the instrument, with the change of the external environment, aging of the equipment or overload use of personnel, it is very easy to produce sundries, dust, moisture, air leakage, internal media reduction or deterioration, resulting in abnormal equipment operation, inaccurate display, frequent failure, etc..Regular maintenance of the equipment can protect the instrument, make the instrument parameters normal, reduce the failure rate of the equipment.

  (2) instrument maintenance is necessary to ensure the accuracy of test data;Instrumentation equipment in addition to verification, calibration, during the verification, instrumentation maintenance is also a measure to eliminate non-normal operating conditions during measurement, operation.Good maintenance can ensure the normal operation of production can extend the service life of equipment, ensure a safe and comfortable working environment.

  What are the maintenance categories?

  Maintenance generally includes daily maintenance, regular maintenance, regular inspection and precision inspection, equipment lubrication and anti-freezing, anti-coagulation system maintenance is an important part of equipment maintenance;Daily maintenance of equipment is the basic work of equipment maintenance, must be institutionalized and standardized.Periodic maintenance of equipment is a planned preventive inspection, inspection means in addition to the human senses, but also a certain inspection tools and instruments, according to the regular inspection plan, regular inspection someone called regular spot inspection;The equipment should also be precision check to determine the actual accuracy of the equipment.

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